As if the real Kate Nash wasn’t bad enough

I do enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest. I can’t stand other Saturday night television extravaganzas, but there is something different about Eurovision. Probably the fact that it’s actually a contest. I like trying to work out what the countries are trying to achieve by entering the songs they enter — the strategic element is a […]

Was S├ębastien Tellier robbed?

One to file under “why on earth didn’t I think of that?”. Ewan Spence has analysed each of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries in For those who don’t know, is a smart website that tracks your music (or podcast) listening habits. It can generate recommendations for you, but I joined the site […]

Why the Eurovision bloc voting theory is bogus

How Terry Wogan sees Europe So, yet another Eurovision Song Contest, and get another round of chest-beating and sour grapes from people who think that the reason the UK came last was because of a Europe-wide conspiracy against us and in favour of any of those commies to the east. Every year the protests seem […]

Eurovision thoughts

There are a couple of things annoying me about the Eurovision Song Contest at the moment. The first is Finland’s entry, Lordi. They are absolutely diabolical. During the semi final on BBC Three, Paddy O’Connell said that they were a sort of protest vote against Eurovision. Yes, that’s right: because they have guitars all of […]

Eurovision’s scoring procedure has been ruined!

Did you see that programme about the Eurovision Song Contest last night? Quite funny I thought. It’s interesting to see how the competition has evolved. In the 1950s it was more like an experiment than anything else. “Look at us, we can broadcast all round Europe!” Back then the acts mostly seemed to be singers […]

More Eurovision reaction

Holyrood Chronicles: Terry Wogan in the Sunday Telegraph: … For those of us for whom democracy is taken for granted, the Eurovision Song Contest may seem like a grandiose musical mediocrity. To the people of the Ukraine, it was a hymn to freedom. This may have been written in jest, but there is here an […]

It’s fun… but that’s the problem

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest at a friend’s house this year, so for this first time Eurovision was drunken for me. The consensus was that the standard in general was higher. I don’t think the others had seen it for a few years though, so I don’t think they were expecting all the big […]

Shock as the good songs are knocked out

I love the Eurovision Song Contest, because it is just so weird. Like a different universe. Would anybody ever listen to any of those songs in their spare time? No. As such, none of the songs that I almost liked (Austria, Iceland… and Ireland‘s song was okay aswell) got through to the final. (This was […]