Fondly remember the past of ITV? Try living with STV today

This the accompanying article to my contribution to this week’s edition of The Pod Delusion. Parts of it are based on a previous article, What is STV playing at? You can listen to the full podcast below. In a recent episode of The Pod Delusion, Mark Thompson spoke about the good old days when ITV […]

Hello, my name is… Engin?

Despite having been working at Woolworths for almost a month now, I still haven’t been given my own name. Unlike some shops where nametags are essentially made out of a bit of paper put inside a plastic case, Woolworths seem to have to specially engrave one in a top-secret time-consuming procedure. So while we wait […]

‘Outwith’ outwith the lexicon

I find etymology quite interesting, so I’m looking forward to Balderdash & Piffle on BBC Two tonight. They have a list of words that the OED want to find more printed evidence of. Although I suppose the whole point of this list is that it is surprising, I still can’t believe how new a lot […]