Stupid Newspaper

I actually burst out laughing while I read this week’s edition of the Student newspaper. It contains a misfiring dig at the Students’ Association-funded rival publication, Hype. Last week, the EUSA controlled publication Hype printed an article which implied a link between the University’s Islamic Society and Palestinian terrorism, based on information on Wikipedia. The […]

Middle click

The Firefox 2 feature that seems to have got people most excited is the fact that each individual tab now has its own X button. But come on. Why did you even use the X button anyway. Did you not realise that middle clicking on a tab closes it? Infact, middle clicking is probably one […]

LOL mate!

I bought a diary today, and you know how diaries always have several dozen pages of “useful” (ie. useless) information. Well mine has two whole pages of text abbreviations. It claims that ‘LOL’ means ‘Lots of luck’. I’m not sure I can trust that sunrise and sunset chart any more.

Mickey Mouse English

Coffee Lover has a brilliant rant on Media Studies and other so-called “Mickey Mouse degrees”. The thing is, as far as I could ever tell, Media Studies is exactly the same as English, except that it uses film and television instead of books. Yet Media Studies is a Mickey Mouse course, while if fewer people […]

Political correctness, formerly known as placenames changing

Still being a cheeky youngster, it often annoys me when people use old names of things that changed ages ago. You know the sort of thing I mean — people who still say West Germany instead of Germany and the European Cup instead of the Champions League. Loads of people still say Czechoslovakia, which particularly […]

Fox News discovers the flower bomb

This political teenager notes Fox News’ new policy of using the term ‘homicide bomber’ in place of ‘suicide bomber’. But surely the term ‘homicide bomber’ is a tautology, unlike ‘suicide bomber’. How many bombers out there are not intending to commit homicide? The term ‘suicide bomber’ actually adds more depth to the description, not that […]

‘Outwith’ outwith the lexicon

I find etymology quite interesting, so I’m looking forward to Balderdash & Piffle on BBC Two tonight. They have a list of words that the OED want to find more printed evidence of. Although I suppose the whole point of this list is that it is surprising, I still can’t believe how new a lot […]

Remembranza review (alliteration, see?)

A regular in the comments around these parts, Adam Park, is a big-wig at the music website Speakers Push the Air. Apparently my writing is good or something, so he’s asked me to write reviews and that sort of thing for the website. Brave guy. My first review is up there. Alright! And here it […]


Here is an interesting site about the English language: Wordcount. This is excellent for looking up swearwords. I’m surprised at how low some of them are actually… I’m not the only one looking up swearwords by the way — look at this (Thanks to Alan for pointing this out)! Duncan is more popular than gentlemen […]