Spare part

I see that the BBC’s iPM blog is asking for the human stories behind the current unemployment figures. Well, I am a human face of two recent news stories. As readers are no doubt sick of reading by now, one of those stories was the loss of around 27,000 jobs at Woolworths. The other is […]

Spelling B******

This week a university lecturer, Ken Smith, suggested that spelling “mistakes” should be accepted as variants. This has upset Ideas of Civilisation and Colin Campbell among others. I side with Ken Smith on this occasion though. I hate spelling mistakes and love to point them out. Only yesterday I saw a greengrocers’ apostrophe and instinctively […]

BoJo might be a bozo, but Labour is the real danger

It is often said that the most despised people in the country are journalists and estate agents. And while these people sometimes are indeed prize toss pots, there are two other professions that I despise above all others. Actors and politicians. Thing is, acting and being a politician is essentially the same job. They’re not […]

Mickey Mouse English

Coffee Lover has a brilliant rant on Media Studies and other so-called “Mickey Mouse degrees”. The thing is, as far as I could ever tell, Media Studies is exactly the same as English, except that it uses film and television instead of books. Yet Media Studies is a Mickey Mouse course, while if fewer people […]

Teaching to the test

If you’ve ever wondered why more and more pupils are passing exams, yet the British public remains as boneheaded as ever, you need look no further than this report. Too many schools are “teaching to the test” in mathematics, stifling genuinely stimulating thinking about the subject, a report suggests. The report is wrong. In actual […]

Votes at Xteen

I haven’t bothered reading very much about the Power Inquiry because I’ve heard from some that it’s pretty much predictable stuff (“a bit like a reformers greatest hits album”) and from others that it’s not actually that good. Besideswhich, there have been several reports that have made obvious common sense suggestions for electoral reform which […]

What about the Flying Spaghetti Monsters?

Somebody has written an open letter to the Kansas School Board. I am writing you with much concern after I read of your hearing to decide whether the alternative theory of Intelligent Design [Biblical Creationism tarted up in scientific dress] to be taught along with the theory of Evolution. I think we can all agree […]

English literature: dumb

I have always maintained that Media Studies does not represent a “dumbing down”. Usually people will say something like, “Media Studies is growing and English isn’t, and all Media Studies is is watching films, so that must be dumbing down.” But if it is the case that all Media Studies is is watching films, then […]