Immigration: who is trying to avoid competitive wages?

Immigration seems to be a big issue in America at the moment. Many economists from many points of the political spectrum have signed an open letter on immigration, outlining “the hard-won consensus that economists have come to” on the issue. While it might be a hot topic in America right now, here in Britain it […]

The science of economics?

My dad is disappointed in me. He tries to restrain it, but every so often he lets it come out. He thinks I shouldn’t have chosen to do Economics at University. “It’s not a real science,” he says. He is a chemist, you see. Sometimes I find it difficult to disagree with him, although I […]


I have just come home from my final exam of the summer. Hoorah, etcetera. It’s been a pretty bad couple of weeks. The politics exams were easy enough — you can bluff your way through them easily. But I think I actually died during the Economics exam. I’m not certain about that though — I […]

Price cap.

Here is a fascinating article about Starbucks’ ‘short cappuccino’, a method of catering for more price-sensitive customers. (Via)

Jennie Lee College?

Students don’t seem to be too happy about the new name for the merged Fife and Glenrothes colleges, Adam Smith College (irony alert: you can’t study Economics there). In what may be a unique move the Students Association will not be named after the college. Instead the economist’s name has been binned in favour of […]

Kirkcaldy is not behind Gordon Brown?

Just went with the rest of my family to vote. Nice weather. Infact, it’s too hot. Good for Labour? Two journalists from The Guardian interviewed us as we left the polling station. Firstly they asked if we would reveal how we voted. My mother revealed that she voted Lib Dem, and the journalist took it […]