Remember remember… Woolies would be 100 today

As regular readers may know, I worked for Woolworths until it closed down in January this year. You can read the series of articles I wrote in the aftermath of its closure. In one of my articles, I wrote about the poster that appeared in the staff area this time last year. It announced: Remember […]

Music is so pretty, but it’s the wrong size

The other day I came across another interesting website from Spatial Literacy (you know them, they did that Surname Profiler). With this new website you type in your postcode and it tells you where you fit into ‘e-Society‘ (via Ben Metcalfe). Apparently people in my postcode fall into categories “D : E for entertainment and […]

For sale

I’m selling a spare copy of Squarepusher’s Square Window on eBay if anybody’s interested.

Geldof is wrong AGAIN

Touts and twats, or, selling a concert ticket does not hurt an African. Update: You missed the eBay boat, Bob. Update: The comments to that post make interesting reading. It’s ironic how easily the fawning media forget that Saint Bob made his name and fortune capitalising on a fatal high school shooting. A message for […]