Endurance racing

At this time of year, it is often best to leave petrolheads alone. They may be tetchy. Perhaps they are a bit zombie-like. This section of the Formula 1 season, in mid-autumn, is the part that contains a lot of the “flyaway” races that take place in Asia. This means getting up at ridiculous hours, […]


It seemed to be going so well too. In 2006, Scotland’s rail service was pretty good from my perspective. The route I take — Fife to Edinburgh — is meant to be one of the worst in the country, but I think it is fine. Granted, I no longer have to go at peak time […]

Weather and walking

Wow, it’s all been even more hectic than I had expected. I’ve got lots that I could write about, but I don’t really have the energy, so I’m reduced to writing a banal post about the weather and my feet. You have been warned. Firstly, the wind yesterday was fantastic! I was eating my lunch […]

Urinal etiquette

There is a highly amusing video doing the rounds at the moment. It explains public toilet etiquette, which is one of the most important things for a male to understand. This also reminds me of The Urinal Game — although it’s clearly not a game; it’s an issue of immense importance. Apparently women’s public toilets […]

It’s good but it’s not right

Superficially Dundee might seem to be most useful as a place for old men to take a piss in doorways. But their Freshers Week definitely has the best events: Catchphrase with Roy Walker. Update: I have a friend who’s attended this. Unfortunately, he is adament that it was shit.

New Universities added to Facebook

Facebook is now open to more universities. So those of you I know that are going to Dundee — no excuses now. Be prepared to get sucked in. (Trans: Please join so that it looks like I have friends.)

Computer game bad-ups

Scaryduck has a post about the worst computer games ever. I once bought a flight simulator for my Beeb on the strength of its own advertising copy claiming it to be the best flight simulator ever made. It wasn’t, and it probably remains the one and only text-based flight simulator ever to hit the market. […]

All joining in

They are the Asbos of 2005. The latest brilliant use of the Anti-Terror Laws is to arrest somebody for walking on a cycle path. I heard it on the radio this afternoon, but it doesn’t seem to have much other coverage. It’s lucky that Curious Hamster’s around then. It’s here in Times Online. [The pedestrian] […]

Music meme

Via Mark. The “baton” wasn’t “passed” to me, but I’m doing it nevertheless. Total volume of music files on my computer: 20.81 GB (not including all of the CDs I bought yesterday). The last CD I bought was: Yesterday I went on a bit of a music-purchase binge, because I took a trip to Dundee […]

Overnight in Scumdee

I was in Dundee overnight to see some school friends. I have to mention this in my blog, otherwise I would probably be harassed until I did. It’s only the second time I’ve been since university started. I expected to be visiting Dundee much more often. But by the end of the week, the last […]