What Google Maps doesn’t tell you

After my visit to Aira Force, I hot-footed it towards Loughrigg Fell to try and fit in as much as possible before the end of the afternoon. Handily, I had printed out some Google Maps before I left Dundee, so I didn’t have to worry too much about how to get there. Or so I […]

Becoming a car owner

A little milestone was passed this week when I bought my first car. I learnt to drive five years ago. I wasn’t the sort of person that started lessons as soon as I turned 17. I saw no need, and waited until I was 20. After passing my test, I don’t think I drove for […]

The art of good guesswork

Over the past year or so, I have become a big participant in pub quizzes. Quite quickly, I gained a reputation among my friends for being reluctant to guess. This is an issue for our pub quiz team, because we have a few major weak areas. Part of this is down to our youth. All […]

Albatross crossing

A little part of my everyday life was changed recently. It was changed in a way that could have potentially made things better for everyone. Instead, it’s a stinking mess-up. Worse things might happen at sea. But more irritating things don’t. There is a particularly awkward cross-junction near the train station in Kirkcaldy. It’s not […]

Stupid drivers get it up the bum

It’s this sort of behaviour that makes me really hate drivers. I mean, really. How desperate to save time do you have to be to try this sort of stunt? Would it even save you any time? I bet these drivers have been sitting there for about five minutes waiting for a bus to come […]

Road users: watch out

I passed my driving test today, so watch out! (Sorry about the brief non-updates, but I’m really snowed under at the moment. Regular blogging will return in a couple of weeks!)


The driving theory test went well. I only got 35 out of 35 for the multiple choice bit. For the hazard perception bit I got 63 out of 75. My mode score was 5 per hazard (the maximum is 5)! Crazy. Fair to say I nailed it then. Not bad considering I didn’t get much […]

Here is that boring post I promised you

It’s looking pretty unanimous on the ‘more personal posts’ front. The score is 8–0 at the moment. You nosy bastards! I’m currently facing up to the fact that the real reason I stopped posting ‘personal’ posts was because I’ve realised that I’m actually a bit rubbish, and writing about myself only reveals a bit more […]

20 or 30?

Ryan has a query about 20mph zones. Apparently “the use of 20mph repeater signs within the area is not allowed under the signing regulations.” What is that all about? I’m taking driving lessons at the moment, and one of my biggest problems is working out whether the speed limit is 20mph or 30mph. Even if […]

Smokes at 18?

MSPs set to raise legal age for buying cigarettes to 18. Hmm. I’m not at all sure about this. Sixteen-year-olds are smart enough to know that cigarettes are bad for you. And obviously this legislation would hardly stop under-18s — or under-16s for that matter — getting cigarettes. This sort of age is very confusing […]