The proposed move to Donington

I’ll come straight out with it here: I don’t care where the British Grand Prix is held. I can well understand if people have a particular attachment to Silverstone. But I just don’t have it. The thing is that, even though I am in Britain, I live a long way away from Silverstone. I don’t […]

Another scoop for The Inside Line

You might recall about a month ago I wrote a post praising The Inside Line podcast which is presented by Maurice Hamilton and Ian Phillips. When they called it The Inside Line, they weren’t joking. The following week, in the French GP podcast, the pair were discussing the (at that time) new rumour that Donington […]

Too many thoughts on Fuji

Firstly — apologies for the lateness of my review of the Japanese Grand Prix. Another busy weekend spilled over into Monday, and is spilling over into Tuesday and Wednesday as well. (I am being very naughty by writing this post.) There are so many talking points that it is difficult to know where to start. […]

Alonso’s first laps at Hungaroring — onboard footage

Was Fernando Alonso’s first lap at the Hungaroring as good as Ayrton Senna’s legendary first lap at Donington in 1993? A bit of a debate seems to be starting. Nigel Roebuck doesn’t think Alonso’s lap can be compared with Senna’s: The majority of the work was done in the opening seconds – literally away from […]