The Senna film

If you follow Formula 1 online, it has been absolutely impossible to avoid the hype. Films about Formula 1 do not get made often. It is highly unusual for so much footage to have been prised out of Bernie Ecclestone. When you factor in that the film is about Ayrton Senna, a driver who has […]

Cats should all be killed (ten times just to make sure)

It was Doctor Violet in the blogosphere with the curiosity Shuggy poses one of his Higher Modern Studies horror questions: “There are too many cat-lovers in the blogosphere.” Not just the blogosphere. Everywhere. I know this is a controversial issue. But I really don’t understand why so many people like cats. They are pure evil. […]

Dog takes train to Kdy

A dog travelled 300 miles on the train, ending up in Kirkcaldy. “Lurchers are very intelligent dogs,” apparently. So what made it get off at Kirkcaldy?!

It’s gonna take over the internet

Via currybet — searching for yourself on Flickr. Not surprisingly, there’s nothing for doctorvee. But there is stuff for duncan. I think Duncan might be a dog. Related: dog, birthday, friends See also: london, wedding, december, james, party, christmas, householder, brighton Slightly related, if you search on Flickr, there is actually somebody called duncan who […]