Spelling B******

This week a university lecturer, Ken Smith, suggested that spelling “mistakes” should be accepted as variants. This has upset Ideas of Civilisation and Colin Campbell among others. I side with Ken Smith on this occasion though. I hate spelling mistakes and love to point them out. Only yesterday I saw a greengrocers’ apostrophe and instinctively […]

Middle click

The Firefox 2 feature that seems to have got people most excited is the fact that each individual tab now has its own X button. But come on. Why did you even use the X button anyway. Did you not realise that middle clicking on a tab closes it? Infact, middle clicking is probably one […]

‘Outwith’ outwith the lexicon

I find etymology quite interesting, so I’m looking forward to Balderdash & Piffle on BBC Two tonight. They have a list of words that the OED want to find more printed evidence of. Although I suppose the whole point of this list is that it is surprising, I still can’t believe how new a lot […]