Why do those social bookmarking links exist?

There is a fixture of the modern web that I really don’t understand. And in terms of annoyance it is probably second only to Snap Preview. Millions of links to social bookmarking websites littering the bottom of every news article and blog post written. You know the ones. “Digg this!” “Send to del.icio.us!” “Pimp-me-do to […]

Why I read Boing Boing

Ben Metcalfe has a Bash of Boing Boing (and other ‘A-list’ blogs) that spreads itself across two posts. I find it an extremely odd propositions in that we (the audience) are being asked to value the aggregation decisions of fairly arbitrary and otherwise insignificant (in the wider context) group of people. I literally think in […]

My del.icio.us Network Badge

Pretty useless I think. But wait a minute. Who are these five fans? Nobody told me?! Via somefoolwitha.com. Update: Ooh, I just found the bit on del.icio.us that tells me who my fans are (one brave person has already revealed herself in the comments to this post)! Del.icio.us feels more social networky now.

Social media meme

Damnit! I’ve been tagged by that Jawbox fellow. So now I’ve got to do this meme, called “5 favourite social media thingybobs”, apparently. So here goes. Last.fm — This is the big one for me. Do you have a website that you always check — it’s all done subconsciously, like — when you’re a little […]


There is an interesting post at canspice.org about tagging (not to be confused with the tagging that you get with memes). Tagging already has a couple of well-known problems. One of the major ones is the confusion over whether you should use singular or plural. Flickr cleverly bypassed the other problem — words such as […]

Why do taggers tag?

Us bloggers, eh? Why Do Taggers Tag? Recognition Low self-esteem Peer recognition For recognition; a distorted view of “fame” See it in the community and want to try it too Hilariously, this list applies equally to graffiti.

Blogging and the urge to tinker

Ryan Morrison has some thoughts about the idea that the best blogs are ones that concentrate on one topic and are easily categorisable. I posted some thoughts in a comment there, so go and take a look if you’re interested. I’ve thought about making some changes to the categories so that there are fewer (more […]

Testing out asides

I’m going to be testing out ‘asides‘ for a while. Asides are supposed to be very brief posts, probably a link and a brief comment. If I decide that I like it, the will be instead of having the linklog. The advantage of asides over the old linklog is that I can now include a […]