Gordon Lennon

Despite my lukewarm relationship with football, I was very sad to hear about the death of Dumbarton FC captain Gordon Lennon yesterday. He was killed in a car crash while on a family break. Just a few weeks ago, in the first football match I had attended in years, I watched him captain Dumbarton in […]

The history of Scotland’s population

I recently had to write an essay for university about changes in Scotland’s population since 1945. While I was writing that I happened, almost by chance, upon The Registrar General’s Annual Review of Demographic Trends 2004. What’s so special about 2004? It was the 150th anniversary of civil registration (which began in 1855, in case […]

The rights of the dead (an update)

Well I see that the debate about organ donation has reared its head again. My views have, if anything, hardened since I wrote on this subject last year. Please read that post before going on to read this update. I am a liberal. As such, I sympathise with the view that the state should not […]

Not only would I die, but…

I was reading the Daily Mail, as you do. (Procrastinating.) Britney Spears has told friends she “would die” for her two sons and would even give up her pop career for them. Even her pop career? I can understand why she would die, but giving up her pop career is just a step too far.

Sometimes bad people die as well

Razzamatazz complains that everybody who dies is described in nothing but glowing terms. They are never described as a shithouse (Via Scaryduck). But there is one person whose epitaph is rather disrespectful. Now, who can come up with an acrostic that spells ‘shithouse’?