The controversial Economist article

“Home truths about home rule” Scotland has regressed into an inward-looking, slightly chip-on-shoulder, slightly Anglophobic country with no clear sense of direction. I think the controversial bit is where they suggest that it wasn’t all of those things before devolution. If Jack McConnell’s angry, you know it must be right. Update: Having read it all […]

Steel’s Scotland

Lib Dems open door to coalition with SNP. No big surprise there; it’s surely been on the cards since Jim Wallace resigned. And why not? A Labour–Lib Dem coalition seemed like the most sensible option at the time, but as a Lib Dem supporter (and I doubt I’m going to float my vote anywhere else […]

Steel on Geldof

David Steel has some things to say about Bob Geldof. I can’t say I disagree. “If he sticks to the message and cuts out the histrionics he would get on a lot better.”