David Davis: mad but right

It’s probably fair to say that David Davis’s announcement was the most surprising story of the day. I think his speech is bang on the money. I had never thought of David Davis as the sort of person I would agree with. But he is absolutely right. This government is funnelling our civil liberties one-by-one […]

Excuses, excuses

Hmm, apparently the collapse in support for David Davis is all the BBC’s fault. Because everybody else thought his speech was great! I heard Quentin Letts on the radio saying that David Davis’ speech was only a six out of ten. (Via.)

Doing the obvious

Well the opinion polls that showed that Ken Clarke is four times more popular amongst the public than any other Conservative leadership contender seems to have ruffled a few feathers. Although it shouldn’t be even remotely surprising that Clarke is the most popular Tory in the country. ICM’s poll suggests that a net 12% of […]