Asda gives young staff less opportunity

Chris Dillow informs us how not to attack David Cameron. I had a conversation today with my mother about the news that Asda will pay under-18s the same hourly wage as adults. She thought it was a good thing, but I said, “You do know what that means, don’t you? It just means they’ll employ […]

They need a Clause IV. They’ve got a stuck record

So Cameron wants rapid Conservative Party change. Wasn’t that meant to happen when he became leader? I know all of this stuff about David Cameron needing to find a ‘Clause IV moment’ — something that David Cameron can do to demonstrate that the Conservatives have changed. Some people said that Cameron’s comments about UKIP earlier […]

David Cameron’s big gaffe

Oh man! The Conservatives have their work cut out at the next election now. He just lost the racist vote! (And the loony vote, and the fruitcake vote! That must only leave about a dozen left. ;)) And as for Nigel Farage: …in this day and age there are things you can’t call people and […]

David Cameron the digital politician

David Cameron’s budget counter-speech contained a ridiculous metaphor. He is an analogue politician in a digital age. I bet David Cameron was listening to his iPod when that great line hit him. Robert Sharp outlines how analogue is actually, like, good. David Cameron used to work for Carlton, and they knew all about digital. While […]

Tory boy Bob Geldof

I reckon this reflects badly on both Mr Geldof and Mr Cameron. Since Cameron was elected, the Conservatives have just reeled of a bunch of tokenistic gestures presumably designed to make them seem more left-wing. Update: MatGB PaulJ does this better.

Eccentric sandals

LibDems 4 Boris: “I’m appealing to all LibDem voters, councillors and MPs because I’m eccentric and I wear sandals.” (Via)