Glasgow North East candidates campaigning online

Something I have noticed about the Glasgow North East by-election is amount of innovative online coverage there has been from the media. All Media Scotland has reported on interesting methods of covering the election which have been adopted by three Scottish newspapers. The Scotsman has invited the candidates from five of the main parties to […]

The Scottish press in freefall?

It’s no secret that the Scottish media is going through a particularly tough time at the moment. In a sense, the past decade or so can probably be described as one long tough time. Job cuts have been piled upon job cuts. With sales plummeting, advertising revenues shrinking and the uncertain world of new media, […]

No Record of a PM distributor

At last! On Friday I saw my first ever copy of the Record PM since the paper became free. Yes, it was a discarded paper left on a train seat. A few weeks ago The Scottish Patient pointed and laughed at the paper’s unpopularity. But I would be interested in taking a look. It is […]