Why is technology news not news?

Hello. I’ve been wondering a bit about the way technology news is still ghettoised. I don’t mean news about the latest rubbish web 2.0 start-up with a ridiculous name. I mean quite important stuff. Security problems and the like. Take what happened last week. A patch to fix a major flaw in the DNS was […]

So *that’s* who stole my wallet!

A lack of father figures is creating a “Jeremy Kyle generation” of men with little chance of work and a high rate of criminality, the Tories have warned. I always knew that Kyle bloke was a bit shifty…

A bit of fun with US politics

I came across another of those political quizzes. This one matches you up with the US Presidential candidates. It’s quite smart. You can choose which topics you’re interested in by distributing 20 points among 14 categories. I gave one point to each category then bumped up a few areas where I feel strongest. It then […]

DK misses the point

I really don’t want this debate between me and DK to go on and on ad infinitum, so I’ll keep this short. DK has responded to my post yesterday. He says I’m missing the point. But I fear it is infact DK who is missing the point. But I’ll go through his points in the […]

Non Maxine Carrs

Chris Applegate points out a Maxine Carr “look-alike” in Northern Ireland, noting that she looks nothing like Maxine Carr. This is definitely not the first time this has happened. The one I remembered was some poor woman from East Kilbride who looked even less like Maxine Carr. This Times article doesn’t have a photograph, but […]

Sheridan: jail would put me off

I just saw Tommy Sheridan on Reporting Scotland talking about knife crime. “If we can introduce mandatory sentences youngsters will know ‘put this in your pocket and you’re going to get time’. If they know that, then maybe in the future their behaviour will change.” Which is kind of funny, because the threat of jail […]