2006 Monaco Grand Prix

Well, that turned out to be not a bad race! Yesterday’s Schumacher incident provided an interesting talking point to frame the race in, and the race did threaten to become a procession at one point. In a way, it still was a procession, as Alonso led the race practically from start to finish. But what […]

2006 European Grand Prizzzzzzz

Oh man. You know how I’ve been in ‘light blogging’ mode because of all that exam malarkey. Well I was going to break my silence today, because there was a Grand Prix today, and I usually write reviews of each Grand Prix. But it’s been a real struggle. That was an immensely boring race, and […]

2006 Malaysian Grand Prix

Not a very action-packed race. For a period about two thirds of the way through it looked like it was going to be one of those rare races that actually get closer towards the end, but it was not to be. I didn’t fall asleep though, so I’m becoming expert at surviving these races that […]

Formula 1 2006 preview

Woohoo, the new Formula 1 season starts this weekend. Already! Yet again the winter has gone by quickly, and it only seems like yesterday when a drain cover became the most important player in the race. And so once again it is time for me to write some totally un-expert non-analysis in preparation for the […]

New Cosworth

The brand new Cosworth V8 Formula 1 engine goes at 21,000rpm and has over 700 horsepower. See the video — it sounds incredible.

BMW buy Sauber

Sorry, this is becoming a predominantly Formula 1 blog! BMW buy Sauber! It’s good to see that they haven’t been put off by Sunday’s events. Where now for Williams though? My brother just suggested Cosworths! Hahahahah! Toyota is more likely though — supplying three teams would be a real stretch though! Meanwhile, GrandPrix.com comes up […]