Steam — the Museum of the Great Western Railway

The second leg of my trip took me away from nature. I decided to go out of my way to visit Steam — the Museum of the Great Western Railway. I am not an extreme railway enthusiast, although I do find railways quite interesting. I only knew that Steam existed when I happened to pass […]

Done a queue two

I wrote about the queue I stood in the day before Standinaqueue Day, and I somehow got sidetracked into talking about weirdos in trains. I have only just started on that, stay tuned for another train weirdo post to come one day. But yesterday — the day after Standinaqueue Day — I did manage to […]

I am not a nationality

John B asks, “English? Wossat then?” Many bits of the administrative region called England – London, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Newcastle-and-surroundings, Manchester-and-surroundings, Scouseland-and-surroundings and Cumbria, for starters – all have regional identities that are far stronger than any ‘English’ identity. I obviously don’t know well enough because I’m not English. But from this not-very-distant distance it certainly […]