Sport and the state

Apparently Scotland did wonderfully well at the Commonwealth Games. Sixth in the medals table does indeed sound pretty impressive. But on the other hand, it probably just emphasises the inherent pointlessness of the Commonwealth Games. Jonathan Calder has a good post about the fact that this success has led to politicians taking the credit. His […]

Commonwealth commentary

Over the past couple of days I’ve discovered the perfect excuse to watch the Commonwealth Games. The swimming commentators are just something else. I don’t think they’re household names. I certainly don’t know them anyway. But their banter — which mostly seems to be about hair — is legendary! They’re like a couple of old […]

The Commonwealth Games are crap, but I’ll watch them anyway

I was going to write a post about how I just don’t get the Commonwealth Games. It’s not an aversion to sport, and it’s not necessarily an aversion to the British Empire (+ Mozambique), or whatever it was that ended up being today’s Commonwealth of Nations. Although I could talk about that in a minute. […]