New comments policy

Recently I have noticed a disturbing trend that is making the battle against spam harder. Normally the way you tell a legitimate commenter from a spammer is to check that the comment is on-topic and free of bad links. Increasingly, I am finding more and more spam commenters whose writing is certainly on-topic. It doesn’t […]

A new look

Yes, I’ve decided to give the blog a new look again. I couldn’t wait to get this up, but it’s not quite finished. I still need to do a few tweaks here and there. (Surprise surprise, it looks a bit guff in Internet Exploder.) But it’s quite late now and I can’t bring myself to […]

Hats off to The Daily Mail

I don’t say this often, but I have to hand it to the Daily Mail. And I’m not being sarcastic! Because their website is really rather good. Last week some journalists got all excited because the latest ABCe figures came out, telling them just how many people are reading their words. Marcus Warren from The […]

Obligatory (?) seasonal Winterval greetings post

Merry Christmas! This blog has almost reached its 2,000th post (since the move over to WordPress two years ago). It recently reached its 3,000th comment. Thanks to all of my readers, commenters and emailiers. I know I never reply to emails, because I’m a lazy bastard, but I like to get emails all the same […]

The structure of blogs

I recently read a few interesting articles about the way blogs are structured, all via Weblog Tools Collection. The articles made me think a bit about the conventional layout of a blog. Is it always best to have posts displayed in reverse chronological order? The suggestion made by some is that it is a bit […]

Quick admin roundup

A lot has changed since I last actually told you about any of it, but I’m sure you coped. I’ve not had very much feedback about the new colour scheme which I’m calling Ceefax. Maybe it’s cos you’re not interested. If it looks bad you can blame my family, okay, cos they’re the ones that […]

Comment changes

Because of a sustained spam attack, I am now not allowing anonymous comments. You have to fill in the name and email fields (although you can obviously use a fake email if you want). Filling in your email address is also useful for Gravatars, and that not-very-interesting ‘regular commenters’ list.