BBC Two closedown (1998)

This isn’t even from all that long ago — 1 January 1998 in fact. But you wouldn’t see a closedown like this on BBC Two nowadays. I love that classy clock. Clocks would disappear from BBC Two later that year. It is topped off with an appropriate sting, even if it is a little bit […]

Welcome home to ITV

The 1979 ITV strike was the longest in the history of British television. It was also the last major strike. When service resumed after ten weeks, this is what viewers saw. With this naff jingle, viewers must have immediately wished that ITV never came back. Following the ten week break, it would be a further […]

Time Cube

Boing Boing have just featured the Time Cube. I’ve had one for about ten years I reckon (that’s it on the right). It cost about a fiver or something from Boots. Admittedly, it doesn’t look as nice as that sleek silver one. Mine has a dodgy speckled paint job. When I was young I thought […]