The axing of Mixing It

Tomorrow is a sad day for fans of experimental music, and it is a particularly poor one for the reputation of the BBC in certain circles. Probably the best music programme on radio, Mixing It, has been axed. The final programme will be tomorrow at 2215 on Radio 3. Mixing It was probably the only […]

More iPlayer insanity

Good news — the BBC Trust has thrown its weight behind iPlayer. But every silver lining has a cloud, as Ryan Morrison points out. The iPlayer that has been given the go-ahead will have a few changes to what has been proposed before. The changes are quite minor really. Infact, one of them — about […]

London Sinfonietta — Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters

(NB. You might notice that in the current batch of album reviews I’m writing at the moment, the albums are getting progressively older. Yup, I’m just writing a bunch of reviews that I didn’t have time / energy to write at the time.) At last, a CD of these concerts has been released. Warp Works […]

Free, legal music? Can’t be having that

The greed of some record companies never ceases to amaze. Surely the BBC offering — for a short period of time — free downloads of Beethoven’s symphonies must be a good thing? Oh no. According to the record companies, “it is devaluing the perceived value of music.” Actually, offering recordings of Beethoven’s symphonies is perfectly […]

Five composers

I’ve remembered what it was that I missed due to the weekend issues. I completely missed Norm’s composers poll. Once again, it seems as though my votes would have counted for nothing. I haven’t even thought of my top five properly, but it would definitely have included Steve Reich and John Cage. Possibly also Gavin […]