How UGC on the MSM should and shouldn’t be done

Sorry about the jargonistic TLAs there, but that would have been one mammoth post title unless I used them. I’ve just been watching news coverage of that train derailment in Cumbria. Incidentally, Sky News’ coverage was awful. They had somebody from Virgin Trains on the phone and the questions were unforgivably banal. Presenter: So, can […]

User generated content doesn’t belong on the mainstream media

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about “citizen journalism” and its relationship with the mainstream media. “User generated content” is very trendy at the moment. I had expected that to happen, but it hasn’t turned out quite the way I expected it. Some people seem dead set on framing the whole issue as some kind […]

Joe Blogs knows nothing. So what?

There was something interesting in that report about Scottish blogging on Radio Scotland from a couple of weeks ago that I never got around to writing about. Tim Montgomerie of 18 Doughty Street and Conservative Home was asked about a concern that some people might have about the blogosphere — that people who don’t actually […]

The sorry state of the Scottish blogosphere

Will Patterson was on Radio Scotland yesterday discussing the rather sorry state of Scottish political blogging. You can hear it here. Don’t know how sorry a state it’s in? Well, Will P said that (along with the brilliant CuriousHamster), doctorvee is one of the “blogs that everyone’s reading”. I get the feeling that anybody coming […]

Broadcasters should now be biased if they want to be

The media is changing very quickly, and there are a lot of difficult issues that have to be sorted out. With the massive (and still growing, maybe even still accellerating) success of blogging, podcasting and vlogging, the boundaries between the mainstream media and the pamphleteers are becoming ever-more blurred. This week Michael Grade wondered about […]

Pods and Blogs blogs

BBC Radio Five Live’s ‘Up All Night’ programme has a weekly ‘Pods and Blogs‘ segment. For an hour every Tuesday morning they take a look at what is happening in the world of blogging, podcasting and citizen journalism. Being a bit of a nightowl, I often catch it. It is a great segment. It really […]

Blogging takes no time at all

A lot of bloggers have had a lot to say about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s little tirade against blogging. (You can’t read the article now because it is behind a subscription wall. Independent please note: this is why Guardian Unlimited and BBC News are the most popular news sites on the net and yours isn’t.) It is […]

If you like getting up early at the weekend…

They must think I’m okay at the old radio thing because today I recorded an interview for Radio Scotland’s Newsweek programme, which is on at 8am on Saturday. I had never heard of this “8am on Saturday” thing before. I was shocked. I’ll probably sleep through it. Or I might stay up for it. 😀 […]

STV’s big rebrand

Today viewers were given a preview of Scottish and Grampian’s brand new uber-identity, STV — er sorry, I mean stv — which launches next Tuesday. The idents are a bit strange. We’re treated to a variety of gormless people goofing about, sometimes in recognisable locations, with a plastic ‘S’ which resembles the old British Steel […]