2010 Formula 1 predictions

This article marks the return of Formula 1 to this website, as I have decided to (partially) close down vee8. For those of you who would rather not read the F1-related articles, you may like to subscribe to the F1-free RSS feed. To break this process in gently, I have decided to make the first […]

Congratulations to Nestlé

For the Smarties egg. This is brilliant. You get loads of different spin-off mini chocolate eggs these days. Most of them can’t hold a candle to the original Creme Eggs. But the Smarties egg is just brilliant. It’s got a really nice inside that’s a bit like how a Milky Way used to be before […]

Crap Kit Kats

You might (not) remember this article about fancy Kit Kats. I posted it on my linklog saying, “I’ve been tempted by the peanut one…” I do like peanutty things a lot. It’s a little bit odd, because I’m not overly mad on peanuts or peanut butter. Sure, they’re nice, but they’re nothing special. But Reese’s […]