Nathan Barley trundles on

According to Media Guardian‘s Media Monkey, Chris Morris wants to do a second series of Nathan Barley, which surprises me. What’s not surprising is that Kevin Lygo doesn’t want a second series of Nathan Barley. Who said ratings weren’t important to Channel 4? Personally, I’d rather have a speedy DVD release of Nathan Barley than […]

Really annoying ringtone

Loads of folk have got here searching for “Nathan Barley ringtone”. Try here. Update: Also, for those if you who are searching for information on Autechre’s new album, Untilted, the prospects of that leak being a fake is now close to zero — Fermium can now be heard on Warp Records’ website.

Nathan Barley

Warning: This post contains spoilers. But I’ll make a few general comments first and put the real spoiler bits past the “click for more…” button. It is probably fair to say that Nathan Barley has had mixed reviews. The usual suspects have been digging in as usual — I’m talking here about the Chris Morris […]