Liberal Democrats and political discourse

The Liberal Democrats are pretty much the only political party I would consider voting for (well, I voted for everyone by Labour in the local elections in May because I was feeling particularly anti-Labour at the time, but you know what I mean). So the change in leadership is of interest to me. In years […]

David Cameron the digital politician

David Cameron’s budget counter-speech contained a ridiculous metaphor. He is an analogue politician in a digital age. I bet David Cameron was listening to his iPod when that great line hit him. Robert Sharp outlines how analogue is actually, like, good. David Cameron used to work for Carlton, and they knew all about digital. While […]

So Kennedy has gone

I can’t say that, on Saturday 7th January 2006, I am surprised that Charles Kennedy has resigned. Earlier on in the week I would have been. It seemed as though there were a few MPs who were unhappy with Charles Kennedy’s leadership, but that he did have the support of ‘grass roots’ members. It certainly […]

I have no useful opinions

I have no useful opinions on any of the current hot talking points. Ariel Sharon’s illness Charles Kennedy / Liberal Democrats George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother The death of Rachel Squire MP …so here are some completely useless opinions instead. Ariel Sharon’s illness — Nothing interesting to say, apart from the fact that I […]

Charlie’s sgian dubh

“Kennedy: I’ll use my ‘sgian dubh’ to keep party in line“. It turns out he’s not slurring his speech again as I first suspected. I just found out from Wikipedia that it’s the skeen doo. Ooooh, that! I am well into Scottish culture, me.

Left or Right — Who cares?

MatGB has it absolutely spot on about the Liberal Democrats. I’ve argued before that economics is no longer the big ideological chasm it apparently once was. I say apparently, because I am too young to remember such a time. Not everybody from Labour would like to agree with me. They like to characterise the Lib […]

Open letter

Charles Kennedy has written an open letter to Tony Blair. …When you were in opposition, you actively courted my predecessor Paddy Ashdown with promises about reform of the voting system and a switch to proportional representation. In government, you set up a commission under the late Roy Jenkins – then refused to implement its findings. […]

Question Time

Everybody seems to be commenting on this evening’s edition of Question Time. I saw most of it, but I turned off as Michael Howard’s slot became little more than a shouting match between immigrants and Howard. And he was rubbish on the issue of Iraq, but what do you expect? He certainly had a tough […]