Muesli for the kids

Cereal is worthy but boring. Muesli is worthy but bo-oo-ring. Everyone knows that. So it always helps if a cereal has a good gimmick for the kids. I noticed last week that Dorset Cereals’ berries and cherries muesli turns the milk purple. There is untapped potential here. Marketing people, get your hats on!

Bloody Corn Flakes

I really hate Corn Flakes because, no matter what you try, when you pour the milk it always seems to rebound off a corn flake crevice in spetacular fashion, causing the milk to go all over the place. Frosties are even worse because the sugar coating seems to form a kind of protective shield which […]

Yoghurt cereals: just say no

I love cereals and I’m always interested to try a new one. But I wouldn’t recommend these new cereals with ‘yoghurt’ bits that seem to be fashionable at the moment. Now this might not be what all yoghurt cereals are like, but the one I tried was Sainsbury’s Yoghurt & Raspberry Crisp Cereal. Or is […]