Why filling up the car is like using teletext

I have problems with my nozzle. When I am filling up the car, I can never get it quite right. When visiting the petrol station in the past, I usually just filled the tank right up. But in the light of fuel price-geddon that has gripped the nation this year, I have switched to aiming […]

Becoming a car owner

A little milestone was passed this week when I bought my first car. I learnt to drive five years ago. I wasn’t the sort of person that started lessons as soon as I turned 17. I saw no need, and waited until I was 20. After passing my test, I don’t think I drove for […]

My name is Duncan, and I am a motorsport fan

This the accompanying article to my contribution to this week’s edition of The Pod Delusion. Here you can find videos and links if you want to delve further into the topic. As you may guess from the title, this article is about motorsport. I do not normally write about motorsport on this website. That is […]

More on environmentalists

Since I wrote about the overblown approach some environmentalists have been taking, I may as well post about it again because two stories have caught my eye today. Firstly the nuclear thing. Today’s announcement from the government is probably the best news for the environment for years. Nuclear power is, after all, carbon-free (well, carbon-low […]

Road users: watch out

I passed my driving test today, so watch out! (Sorry about the brief non-updates, but I’m really snowed under at the moment. Regular blogging will return in a couple of weeks!)

Not the best example there

Here is Jeremy Clarkson trying to persuade everybody why Top Gear shouldn’t be banned: “Contrary to reports that he was put there [in the dragster] by ratings-hungry producers, it was his idea. He wanted to know what it would be like to go really fast … He needs that thrill as passionately as a heroin […]

Richard Hammond

When Steve Irwin died, I wasn’t very upset about it. I was surprised at the almost Diana-esque overblown outpouring of grief. It seemed as though he had transformed from being an annoying crocodile botherer into one of the world’s greatest animal lovers overnight, just by dying. I’m not even a particularly big fan of Top […]

Honda achieves non-F1 land speed non-record

I really don’t like this story: Honda sets F1 land speed record. They’ve been working on this Bonneville400 project for about a year I think. They’ve built an ‘F1’ car designed to reach a high top speed in a straight line — their aim is to reach 400km/h, although they haven’t achieved this yet. But […]