Seeing what I hear

I am a big fan of the music discovery and social networking site I am also a lover of beautiful pointless graphs. So LastGraph was always going to be a winner for me. The existence of LastGraph makes me so happy. Like Andrew Godwin, who wrote LastGraph, I read this webpage a while ago […]

You Can Tube

There is much more in the way of Can videos on YouTube than the last time I looked. Here, for instance, is a cool live performance of Halleluwah, and here is a video for Mushroom. Update: Oh Yeah video (clearly made in the 1980s or 1990s); Vitamin C (live).

Classic albums and their blurbs of shit

I think I might be entering a prog rock phase. By that I mean I just bought a Can album. Can is one of those bands that I always hear people talking about, but I’m still not very sure what they’re all about. I knew that they were a (revered) ‘Krautrock’ band, but that is […]