Just been playing with the new geotagging feature in Flickr. It’s good fun, but the poor quality of the maps really let it down. It’s impossible to accurately pinpoint where anything actually is, particularly since roads are most straight lines and railways often wander out into the sea. Place names are pretty bad aswell: Burntisland […]

Ten mile walk in the hail: achievement

Today my friend and I went on a walk from my house along the coast to Aberdour, which is about ten miles. To kind of give it perspective for those who don’t know Fife, here is a map, although we did not take that route (because, as I said, we went along the coast). One […]

Mince salad

Google Earth is pretty cool. But I have one question. Why does Edinburgh suddenly become a greeny-purpley mass of ugliness past Murrayfield? It looks like mince salad. Kirkcaldy also looks like this. When you zoom out, it looks like just about the whole of the UK (and no doubt much of the world) is like […]