Patrick Hannan — A Useful Fiction

Have you noticed that there is a lot of introspection about devolution just now? I suppose it underlines the fact that devolution is a process rather than a settlement that everyone is still looking at how to tweak it. Maybe it is just the newness of it. The Scottish Parliament is very young as these […]

Britishness and patriotism

Everybody seems to be talking about it at the moment, and today (via Dead Men Left) comes another interesting piece, this time from George Monbiot. I don’t hate Britain, and I am not ashamed of my nationality, but I have no idea why I should love this country more than any other. There are some […]

Britishness and clones

Following on from my post from a couple of days ago, there is more on proposed citizenship ceremonies at Blood & Treasure. Meanwhile, Lenin has a look at Boris Johnson. Johnson’s piece is quite ridiculous. It is under the headline, “The British dream: we must all speak the same language.” That’s a pretty rubbish dream […]


In recent weeks there have been more calls for Muslims (and presumably people from minority groups in general) to be prepared to be more British. There was at least one call for people who didn’t want to be more British to leave the country. The problem is that nobody can work out exactly what Britishness […]