Two weeks in a row!

So there I was on Monday night, lying in bed listening to Up All Night as I normally do. Then all of a sudden they began talking about me. Once again it was the Pods and Blogs segment, and once again it was in the Britblog Roundup slot. The very same slot where I farted […]

Watch out — I have begun tinkering

After an astonishingly tinker-free summer, I have made a few changes on the blog. Perhaps the most important is the reintroduction of the Best of page, which I hinted at a couple of months ago. This is just to attract attention to some of the notable posts I have written in the past. There is […]

Top of the blogs

The first BritBlog Top of the British Blogs chart is out. It shows this blog in 14th position — the 14th most popular British blog! Err yeah right. As much as I like to see this blog near the top of a chart such as this, I do find it rather embarassing. It’s not modesty […]