Au revoir Renault?

On top of the exits of Bridgestone and Toyota came news that Renault had held an emergency board meeting to discuss their future in Formula 1. According to Andrew Benson at the BBC: The French car company was considering whether to remain in the sport with its own team, switch to simply being an engine […]

Disaster averted — there will be one Formula 1

A deal has been struck between Max Mosley, Fota and Bernie Ecclestone, and the threat of a breakaway series has been averted. I think there were a lot of people out there who quite liked the idea of a breakaway series. Indeed, given the choice between Max Mosley’s rotten vision and a Fota-run series, I […]

Mosley can’t stop being contradictory

I have not had sufficient time to sit down and write about my reaction to the Fota’s threat to set up a breakaway championship. I have had a busy day, and when I came home I spent three or four hours solidly catching up on all the news in my RSS reader. I first heard […]