Watch out — I have begun tinkering

After an astonishingly tinker-free summer, I have made a few changes on the blog. Perhaps the most important is the reintroduction of the Best of page, which I hinted at a couple of months ago. This is just to attract attention to some of the notable posts I have written in the past. There is […]

Who needs Yakult?

Just a wee one to say that I’ve updated the blogroll today. It’s one of those things to do on a boring Saturday, isn’t it? I always do it on a Saturday. The already disgusting length of the blogroll has increased further, fully justifying my decision to take it off the front page and ghettoise […]

I just upgraded to WordPress It was easy peasy, but if there are any problems please let me know. Update: I’ve also updated the blogroll, for what looks like the first time in almost two months. Apologies to the good bloggers whose writing I have discovered in that period for taking so long to […]