Apologies, and revisiting political surveys

Hmm. Sorry for the light blogging recently. I’ve not really been in the mood. I’ve felt like half a person for a while now. Also, sorry that most of the posts are about Formula 1 at the moment. While I can’t think of anything interesting to write about, I might as well do the Political […]

Voicing concerns

The Devil’s Kitchen has reached his 1000th post. To celebrate, he’s decided to literally voice his concerns. It’s not quite what I expected. I was expecting some real anger, or at least some Charlie Brooker-style audible eye-rolling. The deadpan delivery did make me laugh though. I have been considering making a voice post or putting […]


There is an interesting post at canspice.org about tagging (not to be confused with the tagging that you get with memes). Tagging already has a couple of well-known problems. One of the major ones is the confusion over whether you should use singular or plural. Flickr cleverly bypassed the other problem — words such as […]

How to save Parliament

Stick a graphic on yer blog! Via Murky, that one. This Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is hard to keep on top of. But it certainly sounds like scary biscuits. I’ve only ever heard of it through bloggers! Bloody MSM, eh?

Yes, but… what is it?

I’m a little bit confused by this Comment is free malarky. I get the whole “Bleeeargh! Newspapers! Old media! Adapt or die!” thing. But The Guardian has been doing blogs for ages. So what’s new? What’s the big thing? What’s all the fuss about? I read somewhere that they’ve got over 200 people signed up […]

Blogspot and Bloglines — what’s going on?

Since some time yesterday every Blogger / blogspot.com hosted blog has been displayed with a red exclamation mark next to it in Bloglines. Which is bad news. I’ve heard a lot of Blogger users moaning recently. But the feeds themselves seem to still exist so I’m kind of confused. Is Google / Blogger blocking Bloglines […]

Look at me! I’m ‘tired and emotional’!!!

Bob’ll like that. Cunt. Although he would like to, he can’t justify Labour, so he engages in personal attacks instead. That was actually a good post from Longrider by the way — and not one that I’d disagree with too much either.

coComment / minor admin stuff

I’ve stuck a coComment box up there. I think coComment is a fantastic idea. I’ve wanted to have something like this on my blog for a while. The only thing is, it doesn’t work for an awful lot of blogs. I must have posted about a dozen comments since I started using coComment, and only […]

Who needs Yakult?

Just a wee one to say that I’ve updated the blogroll today. It’s one of those things to do on a boring Saturday, isn’t it? I always do it on a Saturday. The already disgusting length of the blogroll has increased further, fully justifying my decision to take it off the front page and ghettoise […]