5th bloggiversary (oh, and Happy New Year)

I usually forget the anniversary of this blog. I think this is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, at this time of year we usually have other festivities on our minds. Also this blog has two major anniversaries in my mind. Moving to doctorvee.co.uk was a watershed, and I am sometimes reluctant to even acknowledge […]

The post below is a lie

It is an April Fool you see. Ho ho. Mind you, I’m not sure how many people are getting in on the action this, since most normal people don’t get up until after midday on a Sunday. (Not me unfortunately; I’m not normal enough.) Anyway, this post is to say that, far from passing the […]

Blogspot and Bloglines — what’s going on?

Since some time yesterday every Blogger / blogspot.com hosted blog has been displayed with a red exclamation mark next to it in Bloglines. Which is bad news. I’ve heard a lot of Blogger users moaning recently. But the feeds themselves seem to still exist so I’m kind of confused. Is Google / Blogger blocking Bloglines […]

The Page takes Google back an age

So, Google Pages eh? It’s nothing earth-shattering, although I think the WYSIWYG editor works quite well; it’s very easy to tell what’s going on, which should make it an absolute doddle for anybody who has never done this sort of thing to get stuff published on the internet. But you have to wonder why? Making […]


Just noticed that the post below, the one about hoodies, was the 500th since I moved on to WordPress. This means quite little, because there were well over 1000 on my old Blogger account and of course these days I use asides instead of the old linklog. Still, it’s a nice milestone to pass. Incidentally, […]

The end of Blogger?

New Links has finally jumped ship and moved off Blogger — three months after all the cool people did it. Their new site is at http://www.new-links.info/. I personally preferred the newlinks.nu idea, but I couldn’t be arsed waiting for the comments to load! Will Howells is also thinking of shifting off Blogger. It seems as […]