The Scotblogs awards

Over at Scottish Roundup, I have written the introductory article about the Scotblogs awards. One or two people had suggested to me that it would be good for Scottish Roundup to run a blogging awards scheme, and after testing the idea out on a few bloggers it was agreed that it would be a good […]

The meaningless difference between left and right

I hate all blogging awards except for the ones I am nominated for. That means I hate all of them (apart from James Higham’s Blogpower awards!).* One of the biggest problems is that there are just so many of them. The ones I always saw as the most important were the Bloggies — but perhaps […]

Blog awards — we need your help

I’m usually not too keen on blog awards. In fact, I despise all of them except for the ones that I’m nominated for. In other words, I despise all of them. But Clairwil has had a brainwave. For the latest blog awards to emerge, the Metro Best of Brit Blog Awards, everybody should nominate Councillor […]