20 Warp albums — part 3

The third part of my five-part series looking at 20 interesting albums from the 20 year history of Warp Records. To read other parts of the series, please check the table of contents to the right. Battles — Mirrored Battles are redefining what rock music is. They are pushing the envelope in the same way […]

Matthew Boulton College chucks out students for having opinions

I quite fancy the idea of criticising my University if I think there are grounds for it. I would also expect the University to consider my comments. Clearly not all further education institutions appreciate this basic right of free speech, as Matthew Boulton College has chucked students out for doing just that. More here. (Via, […]

Now Birmingham

Fingers crossed this isn’t too serious. According to what they said on the radio, there was a controlled explosion earlier on which is unrelated to the evacuation. And it’s all apparently unrelated to what happened in London on Thursday. They’ve been talking about it on the news channels, but it isn’t dominating the schedules, which […]