Nobody would buy the Metro

This MediaGuardian article is speculating as to whether or not The Daily Telegraph is going to go down the route of publishing a ‘lite’ tabloid version alongside its standard back-breaking broadsheet. My opinion on newspaper formats is this. Being a muesli-eating, hand wringing beardy liberal type, I of course think that the Berliner format is […]

Berliner TheObserver

A preview edition of The Observer‘s new design in the Berliner format (via). I hadn’t realised that it was changing this week. I’ve never been as keen on the look and feel of The Observer as The Guardian, and I’m not fond on what I’ve seen of this new look either. The masthead makes it […]

More on the Berliner

More bloggers on the Berliner Guardian: Kitty Killer, Will Howells, Coffee and PC. The Liberal Dissenter looks at the international edition (apparently it’s not full colour in Northern Ireland either).

My thoughts on the Berliner

Well then. I’ve not read any other blogs or anything about this, so I’ll probably end up updating this post with interesting quotes and links. First things first then — the front page (actually, the first thing is the barcode — the checkout guy spent ages looking for it!). I’m still not sure about the […]

Tabloid trouble

I’ve already got quite a lot to say about the new design of The Guardian, just from looking at today’s four-page sample issue, but I’ll wait until I see the full paper on Monday. In the meantime, Kitty Killer reckons this all spells danger for The Independent. To put it lightly, and on the condition […]

The Guardian preview

A look at the new redesigned Berliner version of The Guardian. I actually said, “Bloody hell!” I didn’t expect them to ditch the logo — it’s so recognisable, and I thought it would look just as good on a smaller page. I suppose this is all so that they can say, “look! look we’re all […]