Gremlins affecting BBC One closedown

This BBC One closedown from 1996 didn’t quite go to plan. Just as well it was time to go home. I always find it interesting watching closedowns from the past. Continuity announcers just don’t seem so important these days, do they? Today they would never tell you to take care when heading out on the […]

Are weather forecasters the most entertaining people on the news?

For some reason, I always find myself paying attention to weather presenters. Perhaps it is the fact that I have had an interest in meteorology since I was a small child. Or maybe it’s the break in style compared with the rest of the news bulletin. Weather forecasters have much more freedom to express their […]

Dan Corbett is the (weather) man!

Recess Monkey has a post about the world’s greatest weather man — Daniel Corbett! Apparently when Daniel Corbett presented the weather in America he was very popular because of his accent. Recess reckons that Corbett might be an alien. I’m not sure whether or not that’s better than being a monkey. He’s obviously not to […]