I recently read a webpage that talked about events from 1994. I was surprised at how much I remembered — I was only 8. The BBC Editors blog asks, what do you remember from the news from when you were nine? Use Wikipedia to take a look. I’m using 20th March 1995—19th March 1996. Here’s […]

Freeview? Peeview more like!

five (that’s Channel Five to you and me) is set to take its first tentative steps into the world of multichannel with the launch of two new channels: five us (Five U.S.) and five life (not to be confused with Five Live). They’re both going to be launched on Freeview, which is good news, isn’t […]

Eurovision thoughts

There are a couple of things annoying me about the Eurovision Song Contest at the moment. The first is Finland’s entry, Lordi. They are absolutely diabolical. During the semi final on BBC Three, Paddy O’Connell said that they were a sort of protest vote against Eurovision. Yes, that’s right: because they have guitars all of […]

Eurovision’s scoring procedure has been ruined!

Did you see that programme about the Eurovision Song Contest last night? Quite funny I thought. It’s interesting to see how the competition has evolved. In the 1950s it was more like an experiment than anything else. “Look at us, we can broadcast all round Europe!” Back then the acts mostly seemed to be singers […]

This is what we (used to) do

The BBC unveiled it’s big new marketing campaign, apparently their first one since Perfect Day (whoa, that’s about ten years, huh?). It’s a nice idea. I like the fact that they’re quite understated. Such a nice contrast to those unbearable Freeview adverts. But have you noticed something? John Simpson ‘liberated’ Kabul five years ago (complete […]

Guff Box

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Snuff Box, the new BBC Three programme from Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher (from The Mighty Boosh). Well, it’s a bit crap isn’t it? I thought the first episode was okay. Maybe it just needed some time to get warmed up. But the second episode was if anything […]

BBC Three’s scheduling: real genius

I really don’t understand the scheduling on BBC Three (so-called because three is the number of good programmes on the channel). On the one hand, they fill their schedules to the brim with repeats, and repeats of repeats. I can understand this because BBC Three has a low budget. It also fills its pre-watershed (and […]

The story of Common People

Just caught an interesting television programme about ‘Common People’ by Pulp. It was on BBC Three so it’ll be repeated a billion zillion times this week — catch it if you can!

2005: Television

It’s not really been a golden year for television. A few good programmes, but nothing actually spectacular. I don’t write about television on this blog as much as I might. I guess that’s because I’m not really a big television fanatic in general. But as with most people, a number of programmes do come to […]

BBC Three News axed

BBC Three News has been axed. I suppose it’s been coming for ages. But I thought BBC Three News was really good. I thought it managed to get the youth angle without being patronising, which I have never seen before. But 7pm was the wrong time for it. It inherited an audience of zero and […]