Blogging takes no time at all

A lot of bloggers have had a lot to say about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s little tirade against blogging. (You can’t read the article now because it is behind a subscription wall. Independent please note: this is why Guardian Unlimited and BBC News are the most popular news sites on the net and yours isn’t.) It is […]

And we interrupt this report to bring you a sneeze

I wouldn’t like to criticise newsreaders too harshly. I imagine their job is pretty difficult, particularly on the rolling news channels where there must be a lot to keep on top of. Lots of people seem to bemoan the fact that newsreaders supposedly have an easy job because it consists merely of “reading the autocue”. […]

“Blogs are bad because… they don’t have editors”

Just saw a story about blogging on the 10 O’Clock News. This woman called Paddy Calistro came on and said that blogging is dangerous because they don’t have editors and therefore can spread misinformation. I didn’t know that editors couldn’t lie. Maybe I should call myself doctorvee: Editor and then you’ll know I’m telling the […]

This is what we (used to) do

The BBC unveiled it’s big new marketing campaign, apparently their first one since Perfect Day (whoa, that’s about ten years, huh?). It’s a nice idea. I like the fact that they’re quite understated. Such a nice contrast to those unbearable Freeview adverts. But have you noticed something? John Simpson ‘liberated’ Kabul five years ago (complete […]

Swearing illegalised

Watch out — the last time Owen Barder did one of these, it turned out to be kind of prescient. So let me just take this opportunity to swear really hard while it’s still legal: front bum.

Straight thinking

Straight thinking from Nick Assinder. I don’t think he gets it. Surely this just proves the point that the term “a straight choice” isn’t a reference to anybody’s sexual preferences?

Move to the left may alarm left

BBC News reports on a possible change in approach towards taxes from the Lib Dems: The party, which sought higher taxes at the last three elections, still wants wealthy people to pay more but would match this with cuts for poorer people… The new approach may alarm MPs and activists on the left of the […]