I have no useful opinions

I have no useful opinions on any of the current hot talking points. Ariel Sharon’s illness Charles Kennedy / Liberal Democrats George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother The death of Rachel Squire MP …so here are some completely useless opinions instead. Ariel Sharon’s illness — Nothing interesting to say, apart from the fact that I […]

Foreign coverage

The Liberal Dissenter has a post about CNN’s coverage of the London attacks. I’ve only got Freeview, so I don’t have CNN, and I’ve probably watched a total of about five minutes of CNN International, or whatever it’s called, in my lifetime. Sounds like it’s just as well. On Thursday night I watched ABC’s World […]

Relying on the BBC

I rely on the BBC too much. I always like to go to sleep with the radio on, and I usually listen to BBC Radio Five Live. But after midnight practically everything ground to a halt, and instead of Up All Night we got a repeat of Five Live’s Sporting Century. Really, it was boring […]

Bad games for news junkies

If you’re a so-called ‘news junkie’ like me, you may use the BBC News Alerts service. It’s a type of desktop thingy that keeps itself to itself until something happens and you can enjoy that groovy BBC News theme tune whenever news breaks. With this, news ‘breaks’ about twenty minutes after it does on News […]