Freeview? Peeview more like!

five (that’s Channel Five to you and me) is set to take its first tentative steps into the world of multichannel with the launch of two new channels: five us (Five U.S.) and five life (not to be confused with Five Live). They’re both going to be launched on Freeview, which is good news, isn’t […]

Time Wipe

I seem to be having trouble posting a comment on Will’s blog, so I’ll say my bit here. He gives us advance warning that this week’s edition of Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe is a 50 minute long US edition, which means that it clashes with Time Trumpet! I wouldn’t have realised that! Did they mention […]

TMF is The sHits

Music channels really are a load of pish. Apparently it is cheaper to run a music channel than it is to publish a magazine. And it shows. This is probably why Emap like to milk every last droplet out of their magazine brands while the magazines themselves have gone the way of the dodo (hello, […]

Screen Burn TV

Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn column is becoming a television series. Could be one to watch, because Brooker’s columns often actually make me laugh.

2005: Television

It’s not really been a golden year for television. A few good programmes, but nothing actually spectacular. I don’t write about television on this blog as much as I might. I guess that’s because I’m not really a big television fanatic in general. But as with most people, a number of programmes do come to […]

National spare room databases

Chris Applegate has a good post about Labour’s obsession with silly laws. So has Justin McKeating: It’s politics by laughometer. If a policy floated in the media fails to get a laugh, it’s in. A policy that gets a raucous roar like the proposed drinking ban did yesterday goes on the fire along with frog-marching […]

Britpop night on BBC Four

I was browing the rather excellent Radio Times website when I saw that BBC Four appear to be having a Britpop night on Tuesday the 16th of August. One of the programmes in the schedule is a repeat of a one-off 1995 compilation programme, Britpop Now. I remember it very well. We were on holiday, […]

The Thick of It previewed

Armando Iannucci’s new programme, The Thick of It, is finally starting next Thursday on BBC Four. The Observer has a preview piece on it, and it sounds like it’s going to be one of the very best programmes of the year. …Chris Morris, his friend and collaborator on The Day Today, says [it] ‘is one […]

TV on Trial: I choose the future

I’ve very much enjoyed BBC Four’s TV on Trial programmes. I didn’t manage to catch much of it last week, but I’ll be trying to watch as much as I can of this week’s repeats. It is very interesting to see how television has evolved. The winning decade was the 1970s, which I can’t complain […]