2006 Bahrain Grand Prix

Quite a good race. Although it wasn’t action-packed from start to finish, there were a number of notable moments. Firstly, it turned out that the Ferraris (Michael Schumacher at least, although we can’t tell with Felipe Massa) were not as lightly fuelled as some suspected. So Ferrari are back on form. Even though they did […]

Qualifying: Mixed results (in more ways than one)

Well, the new Formula 1 qualifying format was certainly different. Great fun to watch as well — at least the first two sections were. Kimi Räikkönen really showed up an interesting problem with the new format. A lot of the teams were avoiding putting in a lap until the very last moment they could get […]

The BAR ban

So BAR have been banned from the next two races and excluded from the last one. The concealed fuel tank seems to be the problem. But I don’t get it. Stewards have known about the concealed fuel tank since the Malaysian Grand Prix, so why weren’t BAR stopped then, and excluded from the Malaysian and […]

2005 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix

We interrupt this hiatus to bring you this urgent comment on the Bahrain Grand Prix. Well we definitely now have a clear leader — Renault — and Toyota are in a clear second place (as long as you ignore Ralf Schumacher). Fernando Alonso first, Jarno Trulli second is becoming a very familiar result. The new […]

It might only be practice

It might only be practice, but Alexander Wurz has gone almost half a second faster than anybody else round a circuit which he had never raced on and in a car which he had never driven. Proof of Wurz’s talent, even though he finds difficulty ever fitting in any Formula 1 cars.