Lewis Hamilton’s Jekyll and Hyde career

Well I think it’s fair to say a lot of people will be scratching their heads about Lewis Hamilton now. After his disastrous performance in Bahrain, Hamilton’s detractors now have plenty of ammunition. Of course, caution is advised. Just as an amazing first few races didn’t make Hamilton the new Senna automatically, one lacklustre trip […]

Renault shows McLaren how to deal with controversy

So often last year, during McLaren’s torrid, controversy-filled 2007 season, I heard people saying, “If only McLaren were more open. If only they provided the radio transcripts. If only they showed us the telemetry. They could have avoided all of these PR problems.” For instance, there was Hamilton’s alleged radio conversation with Ron Dennis where […]

Liveblog: Bahrain race

As always, we will be liveblogging away throughout the race. The liveblog should start at approximately 1130 BST )when the ITV F1 programme begins) while the race starts at 1230 BST. Don’t forget I’ll also be Twittering away throughout the race at the vee8 Twitter account.

Liveblog: Bahrain Practice

After the unsavoury events of the week, it is finally time to go racing. That also means it is liveblog time. If you want to chat while watching the weekend’s action unfold, this is where to do it. These liveblogs have been pioneered by Keith Collantine of F1Fanatic. I am an admin of the liveblogs, […]

Why Max Mosley has to go

Yesterday, Max Mosley finally responded to the News of the World‘s allegations. And I have to say, if the allegations were not enough to make one think that Max Mosley can no longer be the President of the FIA, then his pathetic letter ought to be. The letter has been taken apart by Ollie, Negative […]

2006 Formula 1 season review

Here is how I voted in the F1 Racing magazine awards. Pit crew of the year: Ferrari Most improved team of the year: BMW Sauber — Undoubtedly the surprise package of the year. In some races — notably at Monza — this was probably the second fastest car! Team principal of the year: Flavio Briatore […]

2006 Australian Grand Prix

Better late than never. Races don’t come much more action-packed than that. It’s just as well the race itself was good fun, because by the looks of it there isn’t going to be much of a championship battle this year. Renault and Alonso look as though they could race their cars backwards and still walk […]

2006 Malaysian Grand Prix

Not a very action-packed race. For a period about two thirds of the way through it looked like it was going to be one of those rare races that actually get closer towards the end, but it was not to be. I didn’t fall asleep though, so I’m becoming expert at surviving these races that […]