The failing economy of Kirkcaldy

It was revealed yesterday that Gordon Brown will spend part of his summer doing voluntary work in Kirkcaldy, the town where he grew up which forms the major part of his constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. It is also my home town. Some uncharitable people have suggested that his job may involve digging holes, something […]

Woolworths as it was known and loved, and neglected

In 1982, the British arm of Woolworths was separated from the American parent when it was bought by retail consortium Paternoster, later to become Kingfisher. It changed the direction of the company forever. According to the Woolworths Virtual Museum, BBC News reported on Woolworths being under British ownership for the first time against a backdrop […]

Asda gives young staff less opportunity

Chris Dillow informs us how not to attack David Cameron. I had a conversation today with my mother about the news that Asda will pay under-18s the same hourly wage as adults. She thought it was a good thing, but I said, “You do know what that means, don’t you? It just means they’ll employ […]