Explaining the redesign

As you can probably see, I have decided to give this place a new look. The old design was starting to feel a bit old, and to be fair it was easily the longest-serving design the website has had, so it was time for a change. I had been thinking redesigning it for a little […]

Some ideas for Twitter

Over the weekend, with all the excitement of F1, I decided to have a go at liveblogging the grand prix weekend. Liveblogging the normal way can be a cumbersome task. It involves constantly refreshing the edit page and is generally pretty clunky and (for something that’s meant to be ‘live’) slow. It dawned on me, […]


Alright, I’ve been tinkering again. I’ve slimmed the sidebar down, and now only 25 30 25 posts appear on a page. Archives and categories can now be found on the archives and stats page, which replaces the old ‘stats and stuff’ page. Inbound links from Technorati will also appear amongst comments from now on, thanks […]